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Access Restructuring Mechanism Calculation for Contributing Provider

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This worksheet must be completed and the resulting confirmation page along with the required contribution payment must be received by the State of Michigan no later than the 13th of each month. The reporting period should be the immediately preceding calendar month. All blanks on this form must be filled in. For additional information, please see Frequently Asked Questions. This worksheet will result in a confirmation page that must be printed, signed by an authorized representative of the company, and submitted along with payment. The authority to collect contributions and set the methodology for doing so is contained throughout Section 310 of the MTA, see specifically Sections (9), (10), and (12). Failure to submit timely payments to the Access Restructuring Mechanism may be subject to penalties pursuant to Section 310(21) of the Michigan Telecommunications Act.

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Intrastate Retail Telecommunications Services Revenues for reporting month:

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Ex: 5000 NOT 5,000
Less Uncollectible revenues for reporting month:

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Equals Net Intrastate Retail Telecommunications Services for reporting month:
Times current contribution percentage (0.510%):
Equals Contribution Amount for Payment
When you hit submit below, you will be directed to a confirmation page. As noted above, the confirmation page should be printed, signed and returned with payment by the 13th of each month. Instructions for remitting payment are provided on the confirmation page. Questions regarding this form may be addressed to Shannon Withenshaw at 517-284-8203 or withenshaws@michigan.gov.