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Case: 18368
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Summary: In the matter, on the Commission's own motion, to open a docket that will be used to collaboratively consider issues related to both the deployment of plug-in electric vehicle charging facilities and to examine issues germane to the use of compressed natural gas as a motor vehicle transportation fuel in Michigan in a Commission sponsored technical conference.

Industry: Electric

Company(s): Commission's Own Motion

Open Date: 4/28/2017

Order Dates: 4/28/2017


Click on the Document # to view the PDF file. A document # ending with an N, was not electronically filed or it has been deemed confidential. If you have questions, please contact the Michigan Public Service Commission at (517) 284-8090.

Document No. File Date Filed by On Behalf of Type Description Pgs
0026 9/6/2017 Alaimo Clean Fuels Michigan Comments Comments on PEV Infrastructure Technical Conference 3
0025 9/1/2017 Miller Chargepoint Comments Reply Comments 9
0024 9/1/2017 Halso SC-NRDC-EC-ELPC Comments Second set of comments 4
0023 8/25/2017 Gross General Motors Report MPSC PEV Technical Conference Power Point 18
0022 8/23/2017 Henderson Ford Motor Company Report Trends in Electric Vehicle Charging Power Point 6
0021 8/23/2017 Clay NGV America Report Technical Conference on Alternative Fuel Vehicles Power Point 4
0020 8/05/2017 Fisher Public Comments Comments Public Comments 1
0019 8/1/2017 Alaimo Clean Fuels Michigan Comments Comments 6
0018 7/31/2017 Halso Sierra Club Comments Comments 24
0017 7/31/2017 Clark Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council Comments Comments 3
0016 7/31/2017 Smart Chargepoint Comments Comments 8
0015 7/31/2017 Halso SC-NRDC-EC-ELPC Comments Comments 57
0014 7/31/2017 Benshoff Edison Electric Institute Comments Comments 6
0013 7/31/2017 Roberts Ceres Comments Comments 2
0012 7/31/2017 Robinson Advanced Energy Economy Comments Comments 14
0011 7/31/2017 Solo DTE Gas Company Comments Comments of DTE Gas Company Regarding the CNG Industry and the Role of Utilities and State Agencies to Advance the Market 12
0010 7/31/2017 Solo DTE Electric Company Comments Joint Comments of DTE Electric Company and Consumers Energy Company on the Issues Related to the Deployment of Plug In Electric Vehicles Corresponding Charging Infrastructure and Other Relevant Issue 20
0009 7/31/2017 Aaron Indiana Michigan Power Company Comments Indiana Michigan Power Company's comments 27
0008 7/28/2017 Stainken Plug In America Comments Comments 13
0007 7/23/2017 Malarik Public Comments Comments Public Comments 2
0006 7/6/2017 Kale MPSC Staff Notice Michigan Public Service Commission sponsored Technical Conference on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 10
0005 5/03/2017   MPSC Proof of Service Served the April 28, 2017 Commission Own Motion (Commission Order) in Case No. U-17990 2
0004 5/1/2017 Goble Public Comment Comments Public Comment 1
0003 4/28/2017   MPSC Proof of Service Served the April 28, 2017 Commission Own Motion (Commission Order) in Case No. U-18014 2
0002 4/28/2017   MPSC Press Release   2
0001 4/28/2017   MPSC Order Instructs the Commissions Executive Secretary to open the docket and to notify interested persons of the opportunity to participate in this proceeding 17 Home | MPSC Home | LARA Home
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