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About Electronic Case Filings

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The processes for filing and accessing electronic documents have been designed to be simple and straight forward. To file a document, participants convert the original document to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file and upload it to the MPSC Electronic Case Filings Web site after completing a brief document description. MPSC staff review the document description to ensure it is properly described and readable, and post the file to the MPSC Electronic Case Filings Web site.

All electronically filed case documents can be searched, downloaded, viewed, and printed. Documents are grouped first by industry and then by case number and are displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent filings are located at the top of the page). These files can be viewed by the public at

A Users Manual also provides information on: (1) how to file a document, (2) how to organize large filings, (3) information on creating PDF files, (4) using digital signatures, and (5) alternate methods for filing if the Internet or E-mail systems are not available.

Participants must submit a signed assurance agreeing to the specifics of the system's operations. Afterwards, users are assigned a user name and password to access the file upload area of the system. The user documentation is available at the "Electronic Filings" help section for easy online reference. Home | MPSC Home | LARA Home
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